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About Phèdre J.



Body of work created by an artist-artisan’s hands.
French play on words meaning Art fused with Craftsmanship.
Aims at reasserting the value and beauty of our cultural heritage.

From French and old Italian artigiano and arte.

Phèdre J is a label offering one-off wearable-art footwear. The avant-garde line combines craftsmanship, fashion and sculptural art. Curating one-off luxury pieces it brings biographical narratives into a sentient experience through the handcrafting of bespoke, innovative, wearable-art pieces. Phèdre J’s vision aims at reinventing our cultural legacy, reasserting the value and beauty of “ART(ISANAT)”* by interacting with new technologies and unprecedented hybrid combinations to sublimate raw material into objects of desire.

Unique pairs are created for unique Humans, not consumers. Leather, wood and metal are core materials used throughout each collection. They are hand-picked from luxury house deadstocks and tanneries. All handcrafted pairs are unique and made-to-order to respect the production’s small scale.

*French play on words meaning Art fused with Crafstmanship.                



In Greek mythology, daughter of Cretan king Minos and Pasiphaë.
Tragedy in five acts and alexandrine verse by Jean Racine.
First born’s name chosen by my Dad in 1987.

From ancient greek Phaídra and latin Phaedrus meaning “luminous, brilliant”.

With a background in garment making, textile design and applied arts the French-Caribbean artist deepened her savoir-faire of the field working luxury brands McQ by Alexander McQueen and Burberry. She now specializes in bespoke one-off art-footwear pieces she calls “scaffolding”. The creator is a practitioner as well as a design instructor and is running her own design studio in Montreuil close to Paris, where she currently lives after eight years spent in London.
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