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Limited Foot Scaffolding



Founder structure put in place to help building up.
Engineered support to the body. And mind.
Made of wood and metal poles (used by workmen).

From old French chafaud, from the popular Latin catafalicum.

‘Resilience: Limited Foot Scaffolding’ is a sequence of wearable footwear art pieces. Deriving from personal anecdotes, it highlights the parallel between the experience of pain and the idea of pain. What our mind visually assimilates as painful is explored through the use of optical illusions, by suggesting a manipulated body posture as well as potentially torturous objects.

‘Resilience’ visually points out a language of structure and scaffolding in order to embody formative social and educational construction imposed early in one’s life. This dramatic avant-garde collection pays tribute to the iconic Indian bed of nails. It uses it as a strong story-telling anchor. The paduka’s features are used to support and play with the illusion of comfort, discomfort and discipline. Long-lasting materials such as leather, wood and metal are seen channelled through the range in multiple ways. The pieces question the juxtaposition of physical and mental strengths.


Scaf. 05


Scaf. 06

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© All rights reserved to Phèdre J. Calvados